Vestibular rehab therapy focuses on the inner ear apparatus that is responsible for our sense of motion. Clinically vestibular conditions vary from peripheral (inner ear) or central (brain) and present in conditions of vertigo, motion intolerance, migraine and concussion management. Persistent vestibular-ocular symptoms are the most common after concussion injury and require vestibular rehab for resolution.

Vestibular therapy focuses on assessment and rehabilitation management of the vestibular system. This involves assessing the communication of the vestibular, ocular and sensory systems, how they are communicating with each other and the main control centre- the brain.  Rehabilitation works through baseline tolerance and graduating through levels of difficulty, with symptom stimulus, until full resolution.

Sports physiotherapy;

  • Pre-season assessment; sports specific area of muscle and joint measures.
  • Educating the person on building tissue tolerance; to withstand training and competition load, reducing injury risk and helping maximising competition performance.
  • Injury assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation.
  • Progressive Return to Play (RTP) after injury; devising a phased progressive rehabilitation plan with athlete goal setting, to build towards a full return to competition/ match play.
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