Performance Dietitians / Nutritionists help athletes develop individualised plans to aid recovery, consistently be able to sustain the training load and improve performance. We can analyse dietary behavioural factors that influence performance and create strategies and solutions that deliver a positive impact.

We do this by teaching athletes how to periodise and personalise nutrition strategies for specific phases of training and competition. A well balanced diet with specific fuelling strategies can prevent athletes from getting sick, prevent injuries and optimise recovery time. No one size fits all and we will work with individual athletes and / or as part of their wider support team to achieve the desired outcomes.

Many athletes struggle with a number of areas that we are skilled in providing answers for a range of areas including:

  • Under performance or not seeing any gains from the training load?
  • Low energy levels
  • Lack of understanding on what the requirements are you’re your particular sport or phase of training
  • Returning from or recovering from injury. Or an athlete that is regularly getting sick or injured.
  • Making weight sports where athletes need to achieve a specific weight or body composition
  • ​Lack of skills and money when it comes to cooking and prepping food
  • ​Disordered eating behaviours or concerns with food intake.
  • ​Lack of understanding of nutritional supplements
  • Issues with bloating or gut issues when training or competing
  • Menstrual health concerns around training.
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