Performance physiology is concerned with the assessment, monitoring and evaluation of how the body responds and adapts to single and repeated bouts of physical exercise. We can aid recovery and the ability to sustain training load in an effort to maximise performance. We can assess how athletes are responding to your current training, determine the physiological profile and advise on where to focus efforts to maximise training for performance. An individualised physiological profile alongside strategies for recovery and optimizing training load, in combination with input from wider support team will help to achieve desired outcomes.

Areas we can help with:

  • Identify physiological strengths and weaknesses
  • To provide baseline physiological data and help coach to formulate periodised training programme
  • Establish appropriate training load levels and intensities
  • To monitor athlete adaptation to training and provide objective data on the response to key training sessions
  • Assist in peaking performance at the right time
  • Assist with return from injury through prescription and monitoring of training program
  • Work with athlete and coach in development of individual training and competition strategies to optimise performance
  • Assist with issues related to performance including travel, sleep, heat and altitude
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