We are a one-stop shop (delivered by world-class renowned practitioners and scientists), for informed, accurate and scientific services and information, to help your business and employees develop health and wellbeing. We have multiple years of experience in a range of disciplines and topic areas. The majority of our practitioners have worked together in high performance environments including sport (Olympic Games, International Rugby, World Championships in a range of sports), Health Provision, Academic and Research environments and are very skilled at solving problems and providing practical and sustainable solutions for individuals and groups when it comes to health, fitness and wellness.

These skills can be transferred into the business community where we will offer service to business to ensure that their teams perform well by underpinning the health and wellbeing of the individual and the business teams.

Both employers and employees benefit from helping staff to identify root causes of health issues, facilitating better and more targeted health care. We therefore offer a range of options for your company including 1 to 1 consultations, group work or bespoke interventions for your team.

  • 15 or 30-minute mini consultations for individuals in a range of disciplines.
  • Bespoke full length 60-minute consultations.
  • Health analysis questionnaires.
  • Discipline specific information for employee handbooks.
  • Cookery demos.
  • Catering and menu support.
  • Articles/blog posts for staff.
  • Multidisciplinary education sessions and workshops (sleep, nutrition, movement, back pain, gut health, physiological assessments etc.).
  • Female health
  • Male health
  • Vertigo specific interventions.
  • Online or in person support.


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